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Associated Research, Inc.


Manufactures automated multi-function electrical safety compliance analyzers and manual bench-top instruments for the electrical safety compliance testing industry.

Associated Power Technologies


Associated Power Technologies, Inc. (APT) is a leading manufacturer of linear and switching AC power sources. APT provides solutions for 1 phase or 3 phase applications with output power capabilities from 500 VA to 18 KVA. APT provides a 3-Year warranty and new orders within 10 Business Days. APT is a division of Ikonix USA


Curtis Wright Logo

The Curtiss-Wright Controls Avionics & Electronics group (CWC-AE) designs and manufactures rugged data acquisition, recording and controller sub-system solutions for the aerospace market. CWC-AE's core capabilities include certified system and software integration combined with market leading customer support. CWC-AE has over 60 years of experience supplying recorders and supports a diverse range of avionics, maintenance, safety and test recording applications.


C&D Technologies, Inc. Image

GPS Time and Frequency systems. Solutions for Military GPS Synchronization, Satellite Ground Stations, Wireless Communications, and Network Timing

Gauss Instruments


Covering from DC to 40Ghz, Gauss Instruments EMI Receivers provide a fully integrated Spectrum Analyzer, Real Time Spectrum Analyzer, Time-Domain Mode, Fully Gapless Real-Time Spectrogram Mode, Stepped Scan Receiver, and FFT-Based Receiver of course. Operating Frequency can be extended into Terahertz Frequency range using external Mixers beyond 40Ghz. These Receivers can be used in a vast range of test applications with Compliance to Telecom ETSI and FCC part 15, CISPR 16-1-1, EN, ANSI C63.4, Military/Avionics MIL-Std. 461, Automotive and OEM standards. Gauss Instruments does this with fully gapless, Real-Time and unique instantaneous bandwidth of up to 685Mhz! The absolutely outstanding features allows you to use for Ultra-Fast EMI Measurements and full 360 Degree radiation patterns of EUT in Real-Time and can be used for Radio Communications and 5G applications. All Modes are fully CISPR-16-1-1 Compliant as well as ANSI C63.2. Smarter testing for a Smarter World!

Graphtec America


Graphtec America offers multi-channel data logger & data acquisition instruments. These industry leading instruments are portable, scalable and can operate stand alone or remotely via wired or wireless connection. Sampling rates as fast as 1usec, voltages up to 1,000V and up to 1,000 channels with powerful, easy to use software included.

HV Technologies


HV TECHNOLOGIES offers products and services across the entire spectrum of EMC immunity and emissions test requirements and standards—MIL-STD, Avionics/DO 160, Commercial IEC, CISPR, IEEE and ANSI, Automotive ISO, SAE. HV TECHNOLOGIES has a long history of providing high-end EMC test equipment along with a strong history of exceeding customer expectations. Through exclusive partner relationships we can offer the highest quality products that come with the best support structure available. Featuring:
  • EMC-PARTNER Transient and Impulse Generators, ESD, EFT, Surge, 10/700, Ring Wave, DOW, Common Mode, Harmonics and Flick­er, DO-160 Indirect lightning, MIL-STD: CS106, CS115, CS116 Component Test Requirements up to 144kV, 100kA
  • Prana Power Amplifiers, Solid State, Class A, 100% Mismatch tolerance into any VSWR, 10 kHz - 6 GHz, powers up to 12,000 Watts
  • GAUSS Instruments Full Compliant EMI Receivers 10Hz - 40GHz available, nothing is faster, 325MHz Bandwidth, 64000x Faster!

Knick Interface


Knick Interface’s Voltage and current transducers bring true CONTROL to electrical measurement applications across a wide range of industries. With a number of solutions engineered for measurement and safe isolation of DC voltages upwards of 4800 V, and other transducers that offer precise conversion of AC voltage inputs to standard DC outputs, Knick truly is a problem solver from 480 to 4800 volts! Other product solutions allow for a wide range of signal conversion and duplication possibilities across high isolation. As with Knick’s high voltage measurement products, no compromises are made with accuracy, safety, speed of response, and flexibility.

MPI Thermal


MPI Thermal temperature systems have advanced technology in precise localized hot and cold temperature test equipment. The thermal division has 60 years of combined thermal control system experience. This has brought about a thermal air stream system for today’s manufacturers environmental test chamber needs. We have designed a system that provides accurate temperature control at the test site as a convenient alternative to larger temperature chambers and liquid baths. Temperature Range from -85C to +225C.



NEXIO is specialized in EMC test software applications. Since 1995, NEXIO has developed software to automate EMC testing, such as Immunity, Emissions, Reverberation, Transients, Bursts, and Surge. NEXIO software is independent from any EMC equipment manufacturer and develops drivers for all manufacturers. Our driver library is 500+ strong, continues to grow, and there is no charge for drivers. Customers include every major market sector; Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Aviation, Medical, ITE, Education, and Industrial.

NH Research

http://www.nhresearch.com/ | http://www.electronicloads.com
NH Research Image

Designs and manufactures power-electronics test instruments, automatic test systems and high power AC and DC programmable loads and sources. NH Research products are used worldwide by manufacturers in the switching power supply, UPS, computer, telecommunications, industrial controls, automotive and defense industries.

Raymond EMC

Raymond EMC logo

Raymond EMC supplies high performance RF shielded rooms, reverberation and anechoic chambers. These chambers are designed to meet the current international and domestic standards and are provided as complete turn-key facilities. GTEMS are also offered in a variety of sizes. They also specialize in Moving/Relocating and Upgrading Existing EMC Chambers. Also, they can offer Consulting, RF Testing, and Maintenance agreements for EMC facilities.

Siglent Technologies


Siglent Technologies is a ISO certified manufacturer of electronic test instrumentation. Being the largest oscilloscope manufacturer in China (by shipments) Siglent manufacturers a line of Oscilloscopes up to 1Ghz (Benchtop and Battery-Powered handheld models), Arbitrary Waveform Function Generators, small Programmable Linear DC Power Supplies, DMMs, Spectrum Analyzers to 3.2 GHz, Vector Network Analyzers to 1.5Ghz and Signal Generators from 9kHz-3.2Ghz. They offer 3 year warranty and all sales and service is done from their Solon, OH facility.

Transient Specialists


Transient Specialists, founded in 1982, provides EMC Test Equipment Rental Services, throughout the United States and Canada. We carry equipment to test compliance to commercial, military, and automotive EMC standards. We have flexible rental terms, including weekly rentals, and no rental charges during 2 days of transit time. Our equipment has accredited calibrations and we offer technical support on equipment set-up.



ZES ZIMMER is a German maker of precision AC and DC power analyzers, sensors and accessories. Our instruments offer a proprietary and invaluable advantage when measuring inverters, frequency converters and other PWM applications. They feature bandwidth to 10MHz, advanced filtering, easy waveform display and export, automated test and an intuitive user experience. Up to 8 channels (elements) and speed/torque inputs in a single meter. Sold from Local Office in Michigan.